1. Can I terminate my award?

You can terminate your award at any time.

2. How do I terminate my award?

By writing formally to TSLB with approval via statutory declaration from the guarantors. You/your guarantors will be required to repay to the Fijian Government.

3. Can TSLB terminate my award?

TSLB can terminate your award as per the terms and conditions of your offer letter.

4. How much do I have to pay if I terminate my award or my award gets terminated by TSLB?

Upon the termination of the award , the student/guarantor(s) will be required to repay the monetary value the Fijian Government has utilised from the commencement date till the termination of the award together with the applicable penalty rate at the time of termination in one single payment or depending on the circumstances of each case on its own merit. The Board’s discretion is unfettered
The total sum needs to be deposited in the nominated TSLB account and deposit slip produced to TSLB to obtain a bond clearance letter.