1. What is TELS?
The Scheme provides student loans to eligible citizens of Fiji to enable them to access higher education at affordable rates and increase equitable access to higher education in the country in line with the Fijian Government’s vision of “Building a Smarter Fiji”.

2. How much intrest do I have to pay interest for the loan?
Combined Family Income per annum
Interest Rate  (%)
Up to $25,000  0
$25001-$50,000 0.5
$50,001-$100,000 1
Above  $100,000 2
3. What are the categories of Loan Scheme?
  • TELS for new students
  • TELS for existing students
  • TELS for Technical Colleges
  • TELS for private sector employees
  • TELS for public sector employees.
  • TELS- Accommodation Loan scheme
  • TELS- Pilot training student

4. How many TELS awards are granted?
There is no restriction on the number of TELS awards per year. All students who get an offer letter from one of the approved Higher Education Institution and meet TELS eligibility criteria qualify for TELS.

5. What are the qualifying Institutions for TELS?
Fiji National University, The University of the South Pacific, University of Fiji, Fulton University College, Centre of Appropriate Technology Department, Corpus Christi Teachers College, Sangam Institute of Nursing, University of Fiji, Fiji Technical Colleges, Advanced Aviation Training, Pacific Flying School.

 6. Does TELS support overseas studies?
          Generally No

 7. What does TELS cover?
  • School fees. Tuition fees only based on the Statement of Account/Bill/Official Receipt payable directly to the Higher Education Institute. Full-Time Students can borrow based on the eligibility criteria for:
  • Rent—Maximum of $250/month , provided a duly signed and FRCA stamped tenancy agreement is submitted or letter of placement at Hostel is submitted.
  • Bus fare– Maximum of  $15/week if travelling by bus.
  • Food—Maximum of $50/week

 Students who travel from their homes may borrow to fund their bus fares only.
8. What is not covered under TELS?
  • Repeat Units
  • Foundation Units
  • Units outside your program of studies
  • Studies in perpetuity
  • Any other costs apart from the ones specified in your offer letter
9. How Do I apply?
It is preferred that you apply online by filling the Form TSLB 02. Click here to apply online. Applying online will enable you to check your application status, offer letter, bond forms and confirmation letter online. To apply online, you need to first register yourself by filling the registration details.
Alternatively you can post or hand-deliver a printed copy of your application.
10. When do I apply?

Towards the end of each High School academic year, the Board will publish in the local media, the priority areas that will be given consideration. The usual deadline for applications is 31 December of each year.
However, there are no strict deadlines for application, though students wishing to begin their higher education from a particular term must apply and get into the bond agreement before the commencement of a new academic term.
Applications received after the second week of each academic term will be considered for the following academic term.

11. Am I required to Sign a Bond Agreement with the Fijian Government?

All grantees are required to enter into a bond agreement with the Fijian Government before any disbursement of the scholarship funds.

12. What does the bond period mean for the Grantees?

After graduation, and getting into employment, you will have to repay the Fijian Government the actual amount paid for your tuition and allowances. Loan repayment will be at the rate of 20% of the gross salary once the graduate starts working. However, student can start repaying voluntarily at any point in time

13. What documents are required for signing the bond?

Offer letter from the Institution, Offer Letter from TSLB, Salary Slip of the 2 Guarantors, Guarantors Tin Letter. The Minimum Salary for the Guarantors should be FJD$10,000.00.  If there are no guarantors, fill in a statuary declaration form.
14. When is the award confirmed?

Once you get the confirmation letter from TSLB

15. What is the academic requirement for my award to be continued from one term to another?
A TELS Grantee must maintain a minimumpass rate of 50% in the first academic terms and 75% thereafter until the completion of the program with the award period.

16. Can I change my program/major/minor/Institution?

Any change in program/major/minor/institution must be approved by the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board Committee. An approved change in major by the Board shall be completed within the duration not exceeding the duration specified in the bond form from the initial semester of the award under the initial contract.
If approval for change in program, major, minor or intuition is granted, students will be liable to pay the difference in fees or any additional allowances that may be required.