These are scholarship opportunities that have been created through the generosity of various donor governments who support the important mission of “Building A Smarter Fiji” of the Fijian Government.
Where other Governments are offering scholarships in fields available in Fiji, these will be administered as per the intent of the donors.
For donor-funded scholarships, the criteria laid down by the donor agency will be followed for selection.
 When necessary, the scheme may support additional allowances for  students under the overseas Government or donor agency scholarships
The current supplementary allowance rates that may be considered are as follows:

Country First Year Second Year
China FJ$3,500.00pa FJ$2,500.00 pa
Georgia FJ$3,500.00pa FJ$2,500.00 pa
Cuba FJ$3,500.00pa FJ$2,500.00 pa
Morocco FJ$3,500.00pa FJ$2,500.00 pa
The Board reserves the right to review the above rates at any time.

How and When to Apply?

Watch out for this space for specific donor funded scholarship advertisements.  All donor funded scholarships will also be advertised in the local print media.