These are full Fijian Government Scholarships for students with Special Needs for studies in Fiji.  

Currently twenty (20) full time scholarships for any award program are available for students with special needs. The scholarship covers cover full tuition,  general fee and  allowance.

Students completing their studies from the following agencies are eleigible to apply for the Scholarship Scheme for the Students with Special Needs

  • Safe Care Homes registered with the Department of Social Welfare
  • Special Schools that accommodate children with special needs.
  • Special Students enrolled for studies at any other Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts recognized schools in Fiji
  1. Applicants must be Fijian Citizens.
  2. The applicant must be an ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least three years before the award commencement date
  3. A full medical certificate must be attached with the application
  4. No cut-off marks of level of studies as pre-requisite.
  5. Acceptance by qualifying institutions is essential.
  • School fees - Tuition and other school fees based on the Statement of Account/Bill/Official Receipt payable directly to the Higher Education Institute.
  • Accommodation and Meals - $2400 per annum
  • Stationary - $1000 per annum
  • Incidental -$1000 per annum

Towards the end of each High School academic year, the Board will call for Expression of Interest from the Students with Special Needs for the Scholarships. The advertisements will specify the number of Scholarships on an annual basis.  

To be considered for a SSSC Scholarship Award, eligible applicants must complete an application form and submit it to TSLB by the due date for each year.
The application must include:
  • A completed application form TSLB 03)
  • Offer letter from the Higher Education Institute.(To be submitted before an offer is made from TSLB).
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Students TIN Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card
  • 2 recent Passport Size Photos
 All photocopied documents must be certified by an authorizsed person.

How to apply

 ONLINE (Preferred Option)
  1. Scan and get all the required documents ready before starting the process of applying online in the pdf, png, or jpg format. 
  2. Visit and register for TSLB online application. Applicants cannot apply online unless registered first. 
  3. Once registered fill the appropriate information.
  4. Upload all the required documents. 
  5. Submit the online application.
  6. Applicants for NTS need not fill another TELS application as all unsuccessful applications for NTS will be considered for TELS.
Applicants who are yet to received their Year 13/Year 12 or Foundation Studues results and the offer letter from the University must still apply before the closing dates. These documents can be uploaded later.  However, no applications will be processed unless the Year 13 results and offer letters are uploaded.
Or, completed printed applications may be hand delivered to:
Central/Eastern North West
Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
26 McGregor Road
Fiji Nursing Association Building, Suva
Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
3rd Floor
Tikina House
Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
Ground Floor
Rogorogo-i-Vuda House,
Alternatively, completed printed applications may be mailed to:
Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board
Private Mail Bag
Govt Buildings
Submitting a completed application package does not guarantee approval.

  • The Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for assessment of applications against the set criteria.
  • This committee may seek any further information to substantiate claims made by the applicant.
  • All applicants are responsible for gaining acceptance into institutions.
  • All scholarship application will go through an extensive review and TSLB’s scholarship decision shall be final and cannot be appealed.
  • Official indication of being granted an award is the receipt of the Confirmation of the award letter from the Chairperson/Chief Executive Officers or any authorizsed officer of TSLB.


  •  All scholarships offered must be accepted within 7 days after the date posted on the award notification (email or letter).
  •  All awards not accepted by this deadline will be cancelled and offered to another deserving Fijian student.
  •  To accept the awards students must sign and return the offer letter to TSLB.
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