Accommodation Support Scheme

  • For Full Time Students only.
  • Students can borrow for:
  1. Rent—Maximum of $250/month , provided a duly signed and FRCA stamped agreement (evidence of residence such as water, electricity bills to be attached) is submitted or for Hostel Accommodation.
  2. Bus fare– Maximum of  $30 /week if travelling by bus. All bus fare allowance will be directly topped up in the e-ticket card number provided to TSLB by the student.
  3. Food—Maximum of $50/week
  • Priority will be given to students from rural and maritime areas and to students who study closest to their homes where a program of study is available.
  • Students who travel from their homes may borrow to fund their bus fares only.
  • Loans support will be means tested.
  • TSLB reserves the right to review the current rates.
  • Incidental and Stationary Allowance- Maximum of $1000 per annum 
  • Only for students whose parents/guardians combined family income is less than $50,000.00  per annum.
Qualifying students need to apply for the accommodation support scheme in the TELS application.

All photocopied documents must be certified by an authorised person.