Accommodation Support Scheme

This scheme is for scheme is for full-time students on TELS who can borrow at nominal interest rates to support accommodation costs (hostel or rental), food expenses, bus fares if traveling from home or rented premises and stationary and incidental allowances.

The threshold for eligibility for the Accommodation Support Scheme is a combined parental income of below $50,000 per annum.

Qualifying Fijians can apply for the following maximum rates of the allowance:
  1. Hostel Fees with or without meals as per the invoice raised bt the Institution. Applicants must produce evidence as hostel offer letter.
  2. Rent—Maximum of $250/month , upon production of FRCS stamped rental agreement
  3. Bus fare– Maximum of  $30 /week if travelling by bus. All bus fare allowance will be directly topped up in the e-ticket card number provided to TSLB by the student.
  4. Food—Maximum of $50/week
  5. Incidental and Stationary allowance - $1000/annum
  • Priority will be given to students from rural and maritime areas and to students who study closest to their homes where a program of study is available.
  • Students who travel from their homes may borrow to fund their bus fares only.
  • Loans support will be means tested.
  • TSLB reserves the right to review the current rates. 
Qualifying students need to apply for the accommodation support scheme in the TELS application.

All photocopied documents must be certified by an authorised person.