Existing Students

  • For all students already enrolled - for any higher education program at an eligible Higher Education Institution in years before 2014 and wish to apply for financial assistance to complete their existing program of study.
Application Requirements:
  • An official academic transcript for Year 12 and 13 or equivalent Foundation Studies including the GPA.
  • Result Transcripts for all units completed till the point of application.
  • Certified True Copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Tin Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card of the Student
  • Tin Letter/FRCA-FNPF Joint Card of the Parents/Guardian
  •  2 recent passport size photos
  • Proof of parents'/guardians' self income (Salary Slip or Statutory Declaration). 
  • Program audit certificate for the existing incomplete program.
  • Copy of bank statement with account under the applicant’s name
 Incomplete forms will not be considered.
 All photocopied documents must be certified by an authorised person.

Towards the end of each High School academic year, the Board shall publish in the local media, the priority areas that will be given consideration. Applicants will be invited to apply for the Loans Scheme.
There are no strict deadlines for application, however, students wishing to begin their higher education from a particular term must apply and get into the bond agreement before the commencement of a new academic term.
Applications received during the academic terms will be considered for the following academic term.

How To Apply
  1. Scan and get all the required documents read before starting the process of applying online in the pdf, png, or jpg format. 
  2. Visit www.tslb.com.fj and register for TSLB online services. Applicants cannot apply online unless registered first.
  3. One registered fill the appropriate information.
  4. Upload all the required documents. 
  5. Submit the online application.
  6. Applicants for NTS do not need to fill another TELS application. TSLB encourages all Fijians who are in Year 13/Equivalent Foundation Studies program in the year before the award to fill the NTS applications and also indicate their preference for TELS. This will avoid the students having 2 different applications. All unsuccessful applications for NTS will be considered for TELS.
  7. Students will not be able to submit the form unless all mandatory fields are filled. Year 13 results and offer letter from the institutions need to be uploaded before the application will be processed.

  • TSLB shall be responsible for assessment of applications against the set criteria.
  • TSLB may seek any further information to substantiate claims made by the applicant.
  • All applicants are responsible for gaining acceptance into institutions. Fee structures from the institution must accompany each application form.
  • TELS will only be awarded to institutions approved by the Fijian Government, and programs accredited by a professional educational body.
  •  All TELS application will go through an extensive review and TSLB’s scholarship decision shall be final and cannot be appealed.
  • Official indication of being granted an award is the receipt of the Confirmation of the award letter from the Chairperson/Chief Executive Officers or any authorised officer of TSLB.
TELS Acceptance Deadline
  • All TELS award offered must be accepted within 14 days after the date posted on the award notification (email or letter).
  • All awards not accepted by this deadline will be cancelled.
  • To accept the awards students must sign and return the offer letter to TSLB together with the bond forms.
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